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 Market Participant Update Document (MPUD) - SEM R2.0.0 

  • Dear Market Participant

    Please find attached the Market Participant Update Document (MPUD) aligned to the changes being implemented for the Intra-Day Trading (IDT) release - SEM R2.0.0 - to the Central Market Systems (CMS).   Please click here to view the document.

    Following consultation and feedback from Participants earlier this year the MPUD document has been re-engineered and has been decomposed to four individual volumes as follows:

    1. MPUD Overarching Volume:

    This is the overarching volume for the MPUD document. It contains detail on baselining, naming conventions etc.

    2. MPUD Market Interface Volume 1 Trading & Registration:

    This is the first of two functional volumes and covers Registration and Trading Transactions for Type 3 Communications (i.e. web services).

    3. MPUD Market Interface Volume 2 Reporting:

    This is the second of two functional volumes and covers all reporting aspects of the MI.

    4. MPUD Technical Volume:

    This volume covers all technical aspects of interfacing Participant Systems with the CMS, e.g. Interfaces Architecture, Communication Channels available, Security, Messaging Overview, System Prerequisites etc.

    This pack also contains two XML schema definition files (XSDs) as supplied by our vendors:

    1. Mpr_all.xsd (v2.26): This xml schema definition is used for Registration transactions between Participant Systems and the CMS

    2. Mint_sem.xsd (v2.21): This xml schema definition covers Trading transactions (e.g. bids & offers etc.) between Participant Systems and the CMS.

    Important Note:

    As you are probably aware the development of Modification Proposal 18_10: Intra-Day Trading is ongoing in parallel with the development of the changes to the CMS. This workstream (specifically Functional Grouping 2 – FG2) will determine the report timing for each specific report generated by the CMS. As a result this documentation suite may be subject to change. Any changes to the MPUD as a result of discussions at working group level will be immediately communicated once identified and an updated MPUD documentation suite will be issued if required.

    SEMO is responsible for the maintenance and management of the MPUD documentation suite and welcomes feedback and suggestions in relation to this at any time. Any correspondence relating to the MPUD and associated volumes should be submitted to the SEMO Market Helpdesk (, title prefixed with the word "MPUD".


    SEMO Helpdesk

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