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 Modifications Committee Meeting 42 

  • Modifications Committee Meeting 42 Update 

    • Summary:

      Meeting 42 - 29 May 2012



      SEMO Update

      Minutes Meeting 41 Approval


      Secretariat Update

      Siobhan McHugh new SO Alternate

      2012 Elections will run over June and July

      Membership term expiry:

      Iain Wright - Supplier Member

      Killian Morgan - Supplier Member

      Niamh Quinn - Generator Member

      Ian Luney - Generator Member

      Programme of Work


      CMS Update

      Delivered by SEMO

      Review of Actions

      Actions review from previous Meetings


      Deferred Modifications Proposals

      Mod_03_12_v2: Alignment of TSC with revised VAT arrangements

      Recommended for Approval by Unanimous vote

      New Modifications Proposals

      Mod_10_12: Amendment to Appendix P to ensure correct treatment of Interconnector Unit Offer Data

      Recommended for Rejection by Majority vote

      Mod_11_12: Proposal to extend the definition of Special Units to include Compressed Air Energy Storage 

      Deferred - Working Group to be scheduled

      Mod_12_12: Mandating adherence to the Bidding Code of Practice by all Price Maker Generator Units

      Recommended for Rejection by Unanimous vote

      Mod_13_12: Housekeeping 5

      Recommended for Approval by Unanimous vote


      Demand Side Vision 2020 Letter from SEMC to Modifications Committee

      Letter of response to be issued in the coming weeks

SEMO is a joint venture between EirGrid PLC and SONI Limited