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 Modifications Committee Meeting 43 

  • Mods Meeting 43 Update



    SEMO Update

    Minutes Meeting 42 Approval


    Secretariat Update

    Election 2012 Results:

    Generator Members

    Supplier Members

    DSU Member

    Niamh Quinn

    Iain Wright

    Patrick Liddy

    Ian Luney

    William Carr

    Programme of  Work


    CMS Update

    Delivered by SEMO

    22 February 2013 - CMS Release Mods cut-off-date for October 2013

    Review of Actions

    Actions review from previous Meetings


    Deferred Modifications Proposals

    Mod_11_12 Proposal to extend the definition of Special Units to include Compressed Air Energy Storage



    ·    Final Comments on ToR to be issued to Secretariat by COB Friday 03 August 2012

    New Modifications Proposals

    Mod_14_12: Reference to MO Status for VTOD

    Recommended for Approval by Unanimous vote

    Mod_15_12: Inclusion of ATC limit slack variables and associated penalty cost Parameters

    Recommended for Approval by Unanimous vote


    ·    FRR legal drafting to reflect correct numbering mark-up

    Mod_16_12: Inconsistent Technical Capabilities when Higher Operating Limit is zero and less than Lower Operating Limit

    Recommended for Approval by Unanimous vote

    Mod_17_12 Report on Offered Capacity in Implicit Auctions



    ·    TSO to assess the impact of non-compliance

    ·    TSO to assess the option of implementing change through the Auction Management Platform

    ·    SEMO to impact assess the change for the SEM systems

    ·    SEMO to assess the possibility of a website work around

    ·    Interconnector Users to formulate views on importance of change

    Mod_18_12 Constraint Payments Calculation for Interconnector Residual Capacity Units

    Recommended for Approval by Unanimous vote


    Intra-Day Trading Go-Live


    Participants to communicate outstanding issues to Niamh Delaney/Modifications by COB Friday 03 August 2012.

    Session with SEMO IT to clarify concerns to be scheduled thereafter if deemed necessary.

    Upcoming Calendar Events

    ·    14 August 2012 – Working Group Belfast – CAES

    ·    11 September 2012 - Modification Proposal submission

    ·    25 September 2012 - Mods Meeting 44 Dublin

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