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 Agent of Last Resort (AOLR) Registration 


Joining the I-SEM Market

SEMO provides an Agent of Last Resort (AOLR) service to facilitate the participation of eligible generators in the Day-Ahead (DAM) and Intraday Markets (IDM) operated by SEMOpx.


In order to avail of the AOLR service, a company must meet the eligibility criteria outlined in the AOLR Operating Procedure 01 - Registration and Data Management.

Registration Forms

SEMOpx Exchange Members wishing to avail of the AOLR Service for Market Trial and Go-Live are requested to complete the AOLR Transitional Registration Forms.

An AOLR Registration Guide is included within the registration pack and will provide details relating to each form, its significance, the submission format required, and the forms’ due date (where applicable).  Please refer to the Registration Guide with any initial queries you may have.

Agent of Last Resort (AOLR) - Transitional Registration Forms

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