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 Intraday Market Auctions 

XBID is the European solution for a joint integrated intraday cross-zonal market. The purpose of the XBID Market Project is to enable continuous cross-zonal trading and increase the overall efficiency of intraday trading on the single cross-zonal intraday market across Europe. XBID is due to go-live by the end of 2017 in the countries that have been developing the solution to date. Once XBID is live, the other European countries (including the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland) will begin to join. EirGrid and SONI are members of the XBID Accession stream and will work towards becoming full members of XBID when it is available. For more detail on the interim intraday solution please click here.

EirGrid and SONI NEMOs are developing an interim intraday solution for the time between I-SEM Go-Live and the time when it is possible to become full members of XBID. EirGrid and SONI NEMOs are proposing to establish continuous intraday trading for the local interim intraday market. The EirGrid and SONI NEMOs will also work towards establishing cross-border implicit intraday auctions with Great Britain. The proposal is to implement 3 intraday auctions at 19:00 before the delivery day begins, 07:00 and 14:00 within the delivery day. Products will by half hourly. Further design work is currently being undertaken on the interim intraday solution. For more detail on the interim intraday solution please click

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