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 Liaison Groups 



Stakeholder support and assistance are essential to the successful delivery and implementation of the new electricity trading market systems. During this time different types of Liaison Groups are required in order to address the concerns of the different stakeholder types. Liaison Groups will be required to discuss topics such as:

  • Market Rules
  • Agreed Procedures
  • Market System Design
  • System and Service Integration
  • Market Functionality
  • Market Processes
  • Market Trial
  • Market Readiness
  • Market Cutover
  • Post Release Support

Meetings are necessary for decision making, reporting, reviewing, problem solving and discussion. By formalising meetings through structured liaison groups with clear goals and specific audience types, this will ensure that stakeholders are provided with consistent, clear and timely information that is appropriate to their needs, and is in a suitable form.

To facilitate these meetings the I-SEM Project Participant Engagement and Market Readiness team will are for:

  • Setting dates well in advance to members available to attend
  • Ensuring that minutes and agreed actions from the previous meetings are circulated
  • Ensuring that all papers are circulated well in advance

Liaison Group Objectives

  • Communication of relevant functional and technical information to ensure that participants are in a position to implement the required changes.
  • Sharing of timely and accurate information regarding project status, implementation plans and technical design specifications.
  • Consultation To provide a mechanism for participants to offer input and provide feedback on business, functional and technical matters
  • Coordination Ensuring coordination of industry-wide activities such as training, system testing, connectivity, Market Trials etc.

The established Four Liaison Groups are:

  • Project Managers Group (PMG) - Forum to coordinate plans and schedules
  • Business Liaison Group (BLG) - Business, Functional and Process Readiness and NEMO Market Rules 
  • Technical Liaison Group (TLG) - Technical Design, System Communications and Readiness
  • Market Rules Working Group (RWG) - Will compile and agree the Market Rules and Agreed Procedures

Group Membership

Project Managers Group

  • Open to all registered Participant I-SEM Project Managers
  • Used primarily for Communication, Coordination, Commitment and Readiness

Technical Liaison Group

  • Open to all registered Market Participants 
  • TLG members are expected to have relevant IT skills

Business Liaison Group

  • Open to all Market Participants
  • BLG members are expected to have relevant business, functional and process skills

Market Rules Working Group

  • Open to all registered members
  • RWG Members are expected to have relevant business, functional and process skills

Liaison Group members should have a mandate from their respective organisations to make decisions on their behalf.

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