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 Market Rules Working Group 


The objective of the I-SEM Market Rules Working Group is to discuss in detail the elements of the SEMC decision papers and to collaborate on the detailed legal drafting of I-SEM market rules to give effect to those requirements. The decisions as set out in the SEMC decision papers need to be transposed into a binding set of market rules which require extensive input and review from the Working Group.

The I-SEM Market Rules project team (made up of the RAs, TSOs and Market Operator) will also develop proposals/ position papers in relation to the detailed implementation of the SEMC decisions and relevant sections of the market rules.

The I-SEM Market Rules Working Group will be responsible for:

  • Collaborating on and reviewing the legal drafting of the Market Rules and Agreed Procedures for the I-SEM.
  • Reviewing the proposals/ position papers circulated by the I-SEM Market Rules project team.

The I-SEM Rules Working Group will develop the market rules for:

  • Ex-ante markets (setting out the requirements on participants to trade in ex-ante markets through NEMO(s) designated by the RAs)
  • Real time activities
  • Balancing Market
  • Capacity Remuneration Mechanism
  • Settlement

To contact the Rules Working Group email us at

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