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 SEMOpx Member Registration 


How To Register?

Existing SEM Participants and new SEM Participants that are looking to be involved in the I-SEM Market Trial will need to complete the SEMOpx Transitional Registration Forms. Otherwise, please complete the standard SEMOpx registration forms.

A SEMOpx registration guide is included with the registration packs and will provide an explanation for each form, its significance, the submission format required, and a due date for each returned form.  Please refer to the relevant registration guides with initial queries.

Information is also included in the registration guide regarding registration with ECC who provide the clearing and settlement services for the SEMOpx Day-Ahead and Intraday Markets.

Please see the Registration Process here and the SEMOpx Transitional Registration and Standard Registration Forms can be found here.


Important! Participants are strongly encouraged to submit their applications as early as possible. In particular, registration for the DAM and IDM involves meeting ECC “Know Your Customer requirements” and contracting a Clearing Member/Settlement Bank which can take a number of months to complete.

The finalised SEMOpx Exchange Member Agreement is available for applicants to review. SEMOpx will be in contact in the coming months to organise the signing of this agreement.

What Are The Costs?

Please see SEMOpx Statement of Charges here detailing the once off entry fee, annual subscription fee, the variable DAM and IDM trading fees and the fees for additional user logins for the M7 and ETS systems.

Contact Details

If you have any questions in relation to the above information, please contact us through the following means:

Email Correspondence:

Phone Correspondence:  1800 726772 (ROI) or 0800 0726772 (NI)
                                           +353 (1) 2370584 (International)


For more information on ECC registration click here.

SEMO is a joint venture between EirGrid PLC and SONI Limited