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Register a Demand Side Unit 

Generator Units predominantly cover those entities which are capable of delivering energy to the SEM, this includes Demand Side Units which offer demand reduction. This reduction in system demand is treated as generation in the Single Electricity Market.

A. Submit Application forms (5 in total)

The Registration Application pack consists of the 5 items listed below. All forms should be fully completed and emailed to SEMO also require a hard copy which must be posted to SEMO with the appropriate signatures and contact information as indicated in each of the 5 documents below.

Form 1: Participation Notice This document provides applicant details, unit details, and other material to SEMO. Download Form 1 (doc 810KB)

Form 2: Collateral Spreadsheet This document requires the applicant to give details of their forecasted Metered Generator. The information is used to calculate the required credit cover the applicant will need to post as part of the registration process. Download Form 2 (xls 729KB)

Form 3: Finance Data This document provides SEMO with Participant's bank account details. These bank account details will be used for all payments made to the Participant in the SEM.
Download Form 3 (xls 391KB)

Form 4: Demand Side Unit Data This document provides SEMO with the technical characteristics of Demand Side Unit.
Download Form 4 (xls 127KB)

Form 5: Participation Fee Registration also requires the payment of the relevant Participation Fee. This must be paid in the currency of the jurisdiction in which the applicant intends to trade. The fee is payable by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) the preferred method of payment, or alternatively by bank draft (further details can be found in the Participation Notice). 

Please contact the Market Helpdesk, for SEMO account information to make a payment by EFT. If you are paying via bank draft, please ensure that the bank draft is made payable to 'EirGrid and SONI T/A SEMO'
Download Form 1 (doc 794KB)

REMIT Reporting
Market Participant obligations for REMIT Reporting to the Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER) are established under REGULATION (EU) No 1227/2011 ("REMIT Regulation"). SEMO, acting under the Eirgrid Group, will fulfil the role of a Registered Reporting Mechanism (RRM).
Market Participants who wish to appoint SEMO to report REMIT Data on their behalf are required to complete Part 1 and 2 of the "Request to Report" section of the REMIT Notification Form.
REMIT Notification Form
REMIT Reporting QA

What happens after I submit my registration?

The SEMO Registration Team will acknowledge receipt of the application and on receipt of all required documentation the Unit Registration process will commence. The Registration process can take at least 60 working days to complete, as defined in the Trading and Settlement Code.

SEMO is a joint venture between EirGrid PLC and SONI Limited