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Joining the Market Home Page 

All Parties intending to buy or sell energy in the wholesale Single Electricity Market must be registered. SEMO's role is to facilitate and educate market entrants as they complete the registration process.

The set of rules which governs the Single Electricity Market is known as the Trading and Settlement Code. A set of Agreed Procedures provide further guidance and clarification on how the rules are to be deployed. Agreed Procedure 1 or AP 1 as it is also known as, deals with all aspects of the registration process.

Potential Market Participants should be familiar with this document before applying to register in the Single Electricity Market.

The registration process consists of two major steps:

Step 1 : Party Registration

In order to trade in the Single Electricity Market, a company must register as a Party. An applicant becomes a Party to the Trading and Settlement Code upon completing Party Registration Step. A Party is bound by the rules, regulations and obligation as set out in the Trading and Settlement Code.

Step 2 : Unit registration

Once registered as a Party, a company can then register Units. A Party becomes a Participant in the Single Electricity Market by registering Unit(s). This allows the participant to sell electricity into the pool, or consume electricity from the pool. To understand how the market works please view our Training section.

Choose your Registration type

There are two generic Unit types defined in the SEM - Generator Units and Supplier Units. Interconnector Units and Demand Side Units are a subset of Generator Unit class.

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