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Our Training section has been developed to provide information on all aspects of Single Electricity Market. The Training Section has been broken down in to 2 main sections:

Joining the Market:

  • Registration is the process which companies complete in order to trade electricity in the SEM. It is a formal process and is document in the Trading and Settlement Code and Agreed Procedure 1.
  • This section is aimed at getting an understanding of the Single Electricity Market, how it operates and the history of the market. This section also provides information relating to the process of Registering to trade in the Single Electricity Market.

Trading in the Market

  • Once the registered to trade in the Single Electricity Market, there are distinct functions which each market paricipant must be aware of. The FAQ's and presentations give an overview of each of these function.

Joining the Market

Getting Started

If you are new to the Electricity World and need to find out information about
Trading in the Single Electricity Market, you will find background information, learning resources in the section

Market Background


Registration is the process which companies complete in order to trade electricity in the SEM.

Joining The Market
SEMO Dictionary


SEMO maintains a large catalogue of reference material about the Single Electricity Market, you can browse the materials in this section to find out things you need to know.

A Practical Guide to Participating in the SEM
SEMO Dictionary

Trading in the Market

Bidding and Pricing

This section details the processes by which SEMO determine which generators are scheduled. It also details how the Pricing element of the market operates and the factor which are included in the calculations.

Pricing and Scheduling FAQ
Loss Adjustment Factors

Market Data

SEMO has an information portal which allows stakeholders to access historical SEM information. The output files from the SEMO Market Systems are also made available to all stakeholders.

Extracting Data From The Wesite

Credit Requirements

Each market participant must have credit cover in place to allow them to trade. This section details what the required credit cover and the reasoning behind the requirement. It also details the current monetary requirements.

Credit Cover FAQ
Current Credit Parameters


SEMO maintains open and transparent communications with all stakeholders. To this end we have an Alert Me section of the web site. Stakeholders can sign up to receive information with regard to specific aspects of the SEM. There is also a Query Management FAQ which details how SEMO handle different query types.

Query Management FAQ

Money Movement

One of the most important aspects of role performed by SEMO is the continuous movement of money in the SEM. This involves calculating the Settlement values, communicating these values to market participants (Invoicing), and insuring the funds reach bank accounts as timetabled (Funds Transfer).

Settlement FAQ
Invoicing FAQ
Funds Transfer FAQ

IT Prerequisites

SEMO utilises advanced software to perform its Market Operator function. Market Participants interact with SEMO via these bespoke IT Systems. In order to communicate with SEMO there are specific requirements which must be met in order for the link to work.

Market IT Systems FAQ
Obtain Your Digital Certificate Guide
Renew Your Digital Certificate Guide

SEMO is a joint venture between EirGrid PLC and SONI Limited