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Market Data FAQ 

1. How do I get the data I want from the SEMO website?

2. What if the data I want isn't there?

3. Where can I find SMP data, metered demand, Actual Load, etc?

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1. How do I get the data I want from the SEMO website?

Data is available under the ‘Market Data’ or ‘Publications’ sections of the website. If you are having trouble finding the data you need please send an email to


The ‘Market Data’ section contains the data that is generated from the SEMO market systems and is split into three sub-sections:


Dynamic Reports

Dynamic reports allow the user to query the market database for specific required information. Pre-defined charts/graphs are also available for frequently queried data. Data from all reports published is stored in an archive and is available for download. This data will be available for 3 years from the date of publication. Further historical data is available on request.


The user queries this archive using the following parameters as shown in the screenshot below


This table shows the 32 pre defined reports available

This document here explains each report in more detail and the time ranges available for query.

For each report then filters must be set to produce the report required as seen here for the SMP all Runs Report

Another new feature is that participants will be able to query the SEM database directly using web services. The following 13 pre-defined queries are available via automated interface


Access to FTP site as described in GPUD is unchanged.

There is no change to file names or file definitions


Static Reports

All recently published reports are available in the Static Reports section. Reports are available in this section in the format in which they are produced by the market systems for a set period of time, depending on the report type, e.g. daily reports are typically be available for 7 days after publishing and monthly reports are available for 2 months after publishing. After this period of time the reports will be archived but are still accessible via the Dynamic Reports section.

Settlement Calendar

This section provides a timetable detailing the time and dates on which various settlements run types are scheduled to be published. The new Settlement Calendar is in a more structured format where users can sort by various parameters as seen in the screenshot below. This data can also be exported to an Microsoft Excel file.


Published documents of various types which are produced from sources other than the SEMO market systems are found in the Publications site. The documents are split into the following categories and subsections:

  • General Publications
  • Market Parameters
  • Capacity Settlement
  • Credit Risk Management
  • Pricing and Scheduling
  • Energy Settlement
  • Meetings
  • Modifications Committee
  • MOUG
  • MOST
  • Market Operator Performance
  • Audit
  • Annual
  • Quarterly
  • Monthly


Within ‘Publications’ the user can search for documents as shown in the screenshot below. Alternatively users can use the primary search function in the top right hand corner of the page to search for documents or reports.

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2. What if the data I want isn't there?

If the data you require is not available on the SEMO website please send an email to and a member of our Customer Services team will respond to your request.

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3. Where can I find SMP data, metered demand, Actual Load, etc?

SMP data and Actual Load are available from the charts on the homepage – here you will see the latest Ex-Ante, Ex-post Indicative and Ex-post Initial runs


More detailed data, such as Metered Generation, full pricing schedules and other data, is available in the Market Data section of the website. Please Click here for more detail.

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